Apple iTunes is the dedicated media player developed by Apple Inc. You can access, upload, download the songs, video and audio library from iTunes software.

It is also used as mobile device management utility and the client application for iTunes store, it’s like an internet radio broadcaster.

If you want to update your songs from your iPhone and iPod, you can only prefer iTunes. ITunes is the software that is used to upload your offline media files in your iPhone and iPod players.

First, you know the comparison of iTunes match vs. Apple music and then determine to use it effectively.

Apple Music

Apple music is the new invention, which combines a new music album for your iPhone and iPad, and it’s enabled for a new version of iTunes for Mac and Windows.

Apple Music

The Apple music has three new services like Apple Music, Apple Music Radio and Apple Music connect. For Apple music you have to pay some less subscription amount for individual and family based plans.

Once you subscribe, you can get the whole access with high streaming music.

In order to addition the Apple music vs iTunes, it also supports and enables you to match your music library, so you can upload the music tracks to iCloud Music Library more easily.

There is a 100,000 track limit available with your subscription plan for cloud music library.

Difference between iTunes and Apple Music

ITunes is a music store from Apple, which you can buy the songs and download them. Apple music is a subscription based streaming service, you can download lot of updated music and songs from Apple music store.

With iTunes, you can play your own licensed song. Also, you can play and enjoy your favorite songs at anywhere and anytime.

Apple Music Connect

With Apple Music, you need to login with your credentials its works only in internet and you can enjoy your most favored online album songs here.

Apple Music have 100,000 track limit, which is the most higher capacity and iTunes supports 25,000 track limit, which is the maximum capacity of Apple products.

The only difference between Apple music and iTunes is DRM that stands for Digital Right Management. Apple music will convert your older files that are 96 kbps or higher, and make them change to 256 Kbit/s DRM free AAC format. The sound quality is so pretty, when convert regular to DRM format.


Thus, the Apple is swapping its iconic iTunes service with the three new applications such as TV, music and podcasts. If you wish, you can make a move to all your music.